Potty Mouth - Overwatch players and League of Legends pro!

I stream on Twitch and Youtube while i'm playing. My target is getting my smurf to Master or at least to Diamond in both games: LoL and OW!

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Welcome to the best website online for players who want to become pro!

I will show you the ways to the peaks of Legends of Legends and Overwatch. Read articles in my blog to learn how to fix common mistakes which may happen during your games. This way you can improve your ingame skills and reach your skill-cap. I play several champions in LoL: Maokai, Zyra, Lux and Annie. In Overwatch i play mostly tanks: Roadhog, Reinhardt and See you on my blog!

Little tip for gamers

Never blame your teammates, instead precisely look at your own mistakes to stop repeating them in the future! This is the best way to the top in any online game!