I Am Potty Mouth

Zero Fucks Given

Whatever Have You Done To End Up Here ??

  This is not my first shot at blogging. Not even by half.  

  Each of my past blogs has been unique, enjoyable to write, & relevant to me ~ some of them for quite a number of years even.

  But, in all honesty, each one has attracted a specific following that eventually limited me. I felt more boxed in as time went on, I started pulling some punches, & then actively censoring myself. That's fucking bullshit, man.

  When it's gotten to the point where I have felt stifled, that blog ends up on life support & its' days are numbered. 

  Blogging, to me, is mostly a creative outlet, sometimes an exercise in mentally or emotionally purging, & occasionally a platform for some of my pent up batshit crazy. 

  Believe me, my real life peoples appreciate that last one. A lot. 

  'I Am Potty Mouth' is a non-restrictive space at a time in real life when I'm seeing too little freedom. No, I' am not in jail ~ but there's always the possibility.

  I encourage Comments &, if there are any, I will acknowledge them 100%. Please, do feel free to tell me how inane or ignorant you think I am, or how atrociously lacking you find my grammar & punctuation skills!  Just don't expect me to give much of a shit for your poor opinion of me. 

  To be frank, right now I just don't want to conform to any expectations or standards other than my own... & so, herein, I won't . Now that you are thoroughly forewarned, I  will not feel a need to post further bloody reminders.

  So, you are welcome to stick around & sample my dubious sense of humour, limitless angst, naked humanity, completely random bitching, & likely some halfway insane railings & rants. 

  Or don't.

  This time around, I give zero fucks. 



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