I Am Potty Mouth

Zero Fucks Given

About Potty Mouth

  I live in the hinterlands, way out in the back country where the wildlife outnumbers the people by far. I am not anti-social, but I do treasure the semi-isolation because in these times, for peace of mind, it's just necessary to have a retreat from the nonstop ass-hattery of the human race. 

  I share my home with a loving & loyal spouse of many years & two polar-opposite bitches, Thelma & Louise. 

  We happily keep three trusty steeds & two haughty, jerkwad cats, Mutt & Jeff, who brazenly traffic affection for treats they do not need in the least. The jerkwads, not the horses.  

   At any given time, there are also a few laying hens, some walking hams, & a handful of stupid cows hanging around. If you are offended by the term 'stupid cows', then you have never had much to do with pastured beef cattle. Seriously, there is good reason to eat them.  

  At one time in life I was a wordsmith for hire. As I have mostly now lost interest in assignment writing, & my attention span has gotten too short for penning a novel, I suppose I ought to properly say that I have 'retired'.

  However, I have not lost my love for words or my desire to occasionally give voice to some of the rampant nonsense that rattles around inside my head...

  Consequently, I blog as the modern day equivalent of personal journaling.




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